Test pages for OMA DL 2.0

Test cases below corresponds to the Conformance (and Interoperability)  test cases in OMA-ETS-DL-OTA-v1_0-2006xxxx-D
Where test cases have alternative content to download, select AT LEAST ONE file to download in order to pass test.

Basic Functionality
    Download without Installation Notification
    Download with Installation Notification


Download Process
    Capability Checking
    Lack of Capability
    User Confirmation
    User Confirmation - Confirmation Not Needed
    User Confirmation - User Cancelled
    Media Object Installation
    Prevent Access to Media Object until Status Report Succeeds (no reply)
    Prevent Access to Media Object until Status Report Succeeds (non-200OK reply)
    White List - no server configured
    White List - server is Configured
    Use of MMS to fetch DD
    Updating Media Objects using MMS mechanism of reception
    Media Object Retrieval from Multiple Servers
    Product Retrieval from Multiple Servers
    Post License
    License Retrieval
    License Retrieval (sequential retrieval)
    License Retrieval (parallell retrieval)
    Navigate Browser to Next URL
    Navigate Browser to Support URI
    Progressive Download
    MIDP Extension

Status Reporting
    Proper formatting of status report
    Download Confirmation without nextURL Element
    Download Confirmation with netxURL Element
Download Descriptor
   Download Descriptor Processing Rules
    Client advertise suppport of DD media type

Error Flow
    Capability Check (Insufficient Memory)
    Download Descriptor version Validation (invalid DD version)
    Status Report Mechanism (Unsuccessful Notification - Insufficient Memory)
    Status Report Mechanism (Unsuccessful Notification - Device Aborted)
    Updating Media Object is Aborted by the User
    Updating Media Object from Different Source than the Old one
    Updating Media Object fails
    Status Report Mechanism (Unsuccessful Notification - Non-Acceptable Content)
    Status Report Mechanism (Unsuccessful Notification - Attribute Mismatch)
    Proper Formatting of  Download Descriptor (invalid Descriptor)
    Progressive Download is not Available or Supported
    Environment Element
    MIDP Extension - Installation not possible


Backwards Compatibility
   separate_delivery with v1.0DD without status report
   separate delivery_with v1.0DD with_status_report
   combined_delivery_with v1.0DD with_status_report