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svg12_media Tests in Obigo Korea

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01_SVG12_BAS_playSingleAudio svg 1463 bytes
01_SVG12_BAS_playSingleAudio txt 181 bytes
02_SVG12_BAS_playSingleVideo svg 1449 bytes
02_SVG12_BAS_playSingleVideo txt 199 bytes
03_SVG12_BAS_playTimeLimited svg 1774 bytes
03_SVG12_BAS_playTimeLimited txt 518 bytes
04_SVG12_BAS_playVideoRepeated svg 1666 bytes
04_SVG12_BAS_playVideoRepeated txt 207 bytes
05_SVG12_BAS_playTwoVideosSimultaneous svg 2088 bytes
05_SVG12_BAS_playTwoVideosSimultaneous txt 371 bytes
06_SVG12_BAS_playVideoNav svg 2010 bytes
06_SVG12_BAS_playVideoNav txt 248 bytes
07_SVG12_BAS_tryInvalid svg 2637 bytes
07_SVG12_BAS_tryInvalid txt 338 bytes
08_SVG12_BAS_VideoPositionAndVisibility svg 4290 bytes
08_SVG12_BAS_VideoPositionAndVisibility txt 719 bytes
09_SVG12_BAS_AudioLevel svg 2941 bytes
09_SVG12_BAS_AudioLevel txt 538 bytes
10_SVG12_BAS_playEmbeddedVideo1 svg 2074 bytes
10_SVG12_BAS_playEmbeddedVideo2 svg 2064 bytes

short_home_video 3gp 79153 bytes
some_might_say 3gp 261744 bytes
video_cnbc 3gp 2462544 bytes


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