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svg12_socket Tests in Obigo Korea

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01_SVG12_BAS_SocketCommEvent svg 2665 bytes
01_SVG12_BAS_SocketCommEvent txt 370 bytes
02_SVG12_BAS_SocketSelectIp svg 2914 bytes
02_SVG12_BAS_SocketSelectIp txt 385 bytes
02_SVG12_BAS_SocketSelectIp_orig svg 2900 bytes
02_SVG12_BAS_SocketSelectIp_orig txt 378 bytes
03_SVG12_BAS_SocketReceiveMuchData svg 2998 bytes
03_SVG12_BAS_SocketReceiveMuchData txt 739 bytes
04_SVG12_BAS_SocketSendMuchData svg 2434 bytes
04_SVG12_BAS_SocketSendMuchData txt 391 bytes
05_SVG12_BAS_SocketCharConv svg 3256 bytes
05_SVG12_BAS_SocketCharConv txt 962 bytes
06_SVG12_BAS_SocketConnectFails svg 2589 bytes
06_SVG12_BAS_SocketConnectFails txt 671 bytes
07_SVG12_BAS_SocketConnectUnknownHost svg 2604 bytes
07_SVG12_BAS_SocketConnectUnknownHost txt 649 bytes
08_SVG12_BAS_SocketNav svg 2872 bytes
08_SVG12_BAS_SocketNav txt 460 bytes
09_SVG12_BAS_SocketCommDisconnect svg 2747 bytes
09_SVG12_BAS_SocketCommDisconnect txt 509 bytes
09_SVG12_BAS_SocketCommDisconnect_next svg 2081 bytes

10_SVG12_BAS_Socket_embedded1 svg 1268 bytes
10_SVG12_BAS_Socket_embedded2 svg 1300 bytes
10_SVG12_BAS_Socket_embedded3 svg 2371 bytes


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